Have Your Say About The Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

The new government is placing a great deal of focus on Canada becoming more sustainable.   In order to follow through with this they have developed a plan called the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy or FSDS for short.   The first draft for this strategy was recently released in February.

What it outlines is how the different government departments which are 37 in total including agencies will be working to help sustain the economy as well as protect the environment.   This is a three year strategic plan and outlines how Canada expects to contribute to the 2030 agenda for the global development goals.

The new government is taking the stance of transparency and wanting to know what the people think at many different levels of the government workings.   They are asking for the public’s input into the draft of the 2016 to 2019 strategy that they have developed.

You can actually go to the draft and review this and give your feedback.   This is a great opportunity for Canadians to become more involved in what is going to happen with their future.   Of course there are no guarantees that they are going to implement your suggestions or listen to your comments, but if they are opening the doors for this then they are obviously going to put some credence on the feedback that they receive.

The plan is quite complex and quite detailed and quite often because we live hectic lifestyles we tend to become overwhelmed and therefore don’t participate.   The plan is broken down into different topics and to begin with it would be a good idea to take one of these topics and read them when you have time and then offer your comments.

For example, one of the topics is the laws and regulations.   These are laws that are specifically geared towards environmental sustainability and include acts such as the Canadian Environmental Protection act, the Fisheries act as well as the Species At Risk act.   This is just one example of one of the topics and by choosing one that is of interest to you then you can learn a little bit about this.

One of the major goals of the plan is for taking action on climate change.   The plan has a great deal of outlines concerning this and again it is broken down into subtopics that you can read.  It is actually quite informative and interesting once you get into it.   Rather than take the stance of sitting back and complaining about what our government is doing, taking the opportunity to become more involved is something that as Canadians we should all strive to do.


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