Getting Involved In the Canada Day Challenge

With so many different ethnic groups now becoming part of Canada and making it their home many of them are proud to be Canadians just as Canadian born residents are. Each year the government runs a challenge or a contest to encourage the involvement of Canada’s youth by spurring on their creativity.  They are encouraged to submit either a drawing or photos or some creative writing to enter into the challenge. This is open to young people from the ages of 8 to 18 years old.

The government certainly makes it worth their while to enter into this challenge by offering some really great prizes to the winner. Included in the price packages is a trip for two to celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa at  Parliament Hill. In addition to this they get to enjoy many other activities that are taking place during that time. Probably one of the most an important gifts that they will receive is an opportunity to work with education specialists from the National film Board of Canada. What this will allow them to do is create a short film that evolves around the adventures that they experienced while in Ottawa.

This is something that many parents may want to encourage their children to participate in.   It is a positive experience and really gets to kids to think about the country that they live in. All too often the kids live such hectic lifestyles that they really don’t get a chance to focus on their roots or their environment.

What the Canada challenge encourages is entries that will cover the history of Canada, its culture, as well as its identity and have this depicted it through the eyes of the young people that are submitting their pieces of work.   In order to be eligible the children must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada or be legally allowed residents.   The deadline is from January 4 to April 1, 2016, so there isn’t much time left but if the kids buckle down now they should be able to get their pieces ready for entry.   There are three categories that they can enter.   It is write it, snap it, or draw it.


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