Famous Entrepreneurs Who Went From Rags To Riches

There are some famous household names at that we take for granted by the name recognition but don’t know much more about them here are a few that have really left their mark in Canada.

Anna Sutherland Bissell

Most of us are familiar with the very well known vacuum cleaner Bissell.   What many of us don’t realize is that this famous manufacturer was born in Nova Scotia in River John. Originally she was a joint partner in a crockery and China business with her husband. As a result of the sawdust that was created from the manufacturing was perhaps what led her to wanting a method for carpet cleaning.   This led her husband to the invention of what was called the carpet sweeper.    This was in 1876 and Anna became the prime a salesperson for this travelling throughout the various towns where the sweeper sold for a $1.50 after the death of her husband she became the chief executive officer.

Bob Young

For those that that are into sports of this is the name that is going to be well recognized.   He is the owner of the Hamilton Tiger cats and was born in Ancaster Ontario.   For those that are technology minded they will recognize Robert Young for his success with the Red Hat Inc. which is a open software company. He is hailed as a business person and entrée on trade.

Jim Carrey

Jim was an Ontarian that had his fair share of struggles in life to the point where in his younger years he and his family only had a camper van to live in.   Jim’s dream was to become a comedian and he did venture into this field for awhile which then led him to some very important acting roles. This is truly an inspirational journey when you think of someone who went through many hardships still had the passion to make others laugh.

These few examples are just to show you that if you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you should follow your dreams.   Don’t let the circumstances that you are in today prevent you from following the path in life that yourself have the ability to set.

Many individuals hesitate from starting their own business, or turning their ideas into a reality simply because they lack the confidence to do so.  Or they get so caught up in their current dire situation that they tend to stand still in life instead of moving forward.  Or worse still they live in the past. Many times they believe that it is the lack of money that is preventing them from fulfilling their passions in life when really it is their mindset.


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