EFILE or Electronic Filing of Tax Returns

Mandatory EFILE for T1 and T2 for Tax Preparers

Starting in 2013, tax preparers who file more than 10 returns will be required to file them electronically. Mandatory electronic filing applies to the filing of both T1 General income tax and benefit returns and T2 corporation income tax returns for the 2012 and later tax years.
The penalty for not EFILE is $25 for each T1 General Return and $100 for T2 Corporation returns that are paper filed.

For those not comfortable with online filing there is no need to be concerned. EFILE is part of my services offered to you. With over 8 years of electronic filing and experience I have the expertise to take care of this matter for you. There are a few exceptions where an individual is not eligible for EFILE and in this case I will follow standard filing processes.


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