Does The CRA Care About What Chartered Accountant Toronto Services You Use?

When it comes to the preparation and filing of your taxes the ultimate person responsible for making sure this is done, is you the tax payer. Now the CRA is well aware that many, many, people hire professional accountants to assist them with this. You will note on the bottom of your tax return there is actually a section for a third party to sign if that they have prepared your return for you.

Based on this, it means and that you are at liberty to have any one you choose to assist you with your tax returns, and that there is no law that says you must use a chartered accountant or other tax preparers to get your taxes done, in most cases.


One can probably speculate that the CRA is well aware of the type of work that some Toronto chartered accountants may do based on the number of tax returns that are submitted by them on a yearly basis. It could further be speculated that if a professional in this field was constantly using questionable accounting practices, then the CRA would most likely keep an eye out for returns filed by this expert. There is certainly nothing in writing that says this is true but using common sense would dictate that it certainly is a possibility.


Even if this is not the case, where your chartered accountant has drawn any attention for unfavorable work, it is most important that you choose the Toronto Chartered Accounting Services that you are going to rely on, carefully.
Almost anyone can call themselves and accountant but it is up to you as a potential client to check out their credentials. You can certainly use an accounting expert that has perhaps been referred to you by a friend or an associate. Remember though, that each individual’s tax situation is unique and you want to use a try a chartered accountant that is well versed in many different industries to assist you with your tax filing.


When tax season starts you will see many new names and signs pop up for tax preparation. To be sure that you are getting the best services, ideally you want to work with a chartered accountant that maintains an office all year around and is available to assist with other Financial Accounting aside from just doing tax returns.


As a chartered accountant that has been serving the Toronto and GTA for many years, I take my work seriously. It is imperative to you that your taxes are filed correctly and that you are in a position to get all of your potential tax breaks. I can assist you with this, so give me a call at 416-398-1700.


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