Do You Need to Have Your On Land Business On the Internet?

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There is no doubt that there are tons of businesses on the internet.   It has become a very important way of doing business.   At the same time there are many businesses that do not sell online.   So in this case is there any reason to have a online presence?

The short answer is yes.   Every business has to be aware of their competition.   Most businesses will find if they do an internet search that there are competitors online.  While it may be okay to adopt the concept that there is plenty of business to go around, it has to be remembered that convenience shopping is a big thing with consumers.  This is what online businesses have to offer is convenience.   It means that shoppers can go online at any time night or day to purchase the items they want.   This is like the business being open 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year.   On land businesses cannot compete in this way.

What is just as important is good old fashioned customer service.   It can be a little more difficult for the online businesses to perform in this area of business.   This is the virtual world and the personal business touch is often missing.

On land businesses can take advantage of this by making sure they have an online presence even if they are not selling online.

The online website can be a corporate website for those on land businesses that are not selling directly online.  This website can be jam packed full of information that is valuable to the customer.   It can save them time by answering a lot of questions that they might not have time to ask a sales rep at the store premises.   By knowing all they need to know about your on land business they can make their shopping experience at your business far more time effective.  Your website can tell them about your products, and your promotions so the shopper knows what to expect when they arrive at your business.

We live in a mobile world.  This means it is very common when a consumer is out and about to use their smart phones to locate a business in the area they are in for something they need.   If you have your business online these consumers are going to be able to find you.   If the website is done correctly it will give all the details the consumer needs including your location and business hours.   You have just made shopping at your location convenient and you haven’t had to sell online to do it.

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