Do You Know What Your Canadian Tax Rights Are?

Taxpayers bill of rights 

Your Tax Rights

It may seem that when you are locking heads with the CRA that you really don’t have a friend in the world that can help you stand your ground with this sector of our Government. You actually do though, and in the case of Torontonians it’s your Toronto tax accountant, and if needed there are plenty of good tax lawyers throughout the city.

Your Toronto accountant will take on the responsibility of ensuring that your taxes are done according to the Canadian tax law, and that you receive all of the tax breaks you are entitled to. A tax attorney will fight a dispute for you in the tax courts. There are many times though where Torontonians and other Canadian citizens really don’t know that there are set rules called the Canadian Tax Rights that the CRA must adhere to. If they don’t then you do have an ally on your side, and this is the Taxpayer’s Ombudsman.

Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, you do have taxpayer’s rights. In fact, you have 15 individual rights that you are entitled to. Out of this total number of rights, 8 of them are classed as service rights.
You have the right to

  • Be treated with respect and be dealt with fairly by courteous tax representatives in a professional manner.

  • You should expect to receive information that you have a right to from the CRA in full disclosure that is accurate and within an acceptable time frame.

  • If you are not satisfied with the service you are getting from the CRA you can lodge a complaint and have the right to an explanation from the CRA.

  • You can expect that the CRA is to be held accountable.

  • The CRA is expected to make their service standards public and to report on an annual basis.

  • The CRA is required to warn taxpayers of a questionable tax schedule in an acceptable time frame.

  • Every tax payer has the right to have any person of their choosing represent them in regards to their tax matter.


You could say that the Taxpayers’ Ombudsman is the watchdog of the CRA. However this is a separate entity and this office has the power to negotiate to resolve disputes but it has no clear jurisdiction over the CRA. It cannot over turn a CRA decision. You could class an ombudsman as a mediator.


You certainly may not get the personal tax solution you are looking for when it comes to your particular tax issue by using the services of the Canadian Tax Ombudsman, you should at least be aware that you do have the option of contacting them to see if they can assist you.


In addition to this remember that it is always wise to have your taxes prepared in the proper manner and to be sure that this is being done, using a Toronto accountant will at least give you the confidence in knowing that you have met your tax responsible of proper tax filing.


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