Do We As Tax Payers Have to Quit Burying Our Head In the Sand?

tax payers burying their head

Let’s face it, if we want to be involved in politics then we would have chosen that as our careers. Most tax payers really don’t want to become involved in politics and basically reserve their involvement to doing what is expected of them, which is to vote.

Yet, what we don’t realize is that the various government levels also play an important role is several of our other household expenses.

One of the biggest points of contention for Ontarians is the cost for hydro. We have talked about some innovative ways to maybe cut back a bit on the usage of this and save a few bucks.  We should also be looking at the government’s intention regarding Hydro One.

It has been announced by Kathleen Wynne, the Ontario Premier that the government plans to go ahead with selling off 60% of their ownership of Hydro Ontario.  This will take place through public offering.  This will be no easy task considering the huge debt that this Crown Corporation has.  By only selling off this percentage it allows the Government to hold control over the board members. Shareholders will only be allowed to own a max. of 10% of the Company.

The big question obviously is what sort of impact is privatization of this corporation going to have on the hydro rates. It is also a question that as of yet is not being answered. This question was posed to Wynn by Andrea Horwath and no answer was forthcoming.

Looking back at the history of the privatization that has occurred to date indicates that the rates have more than tripled. It is suggested that Ontarians are subjected to the highest hydro bill in Canada.

So what can we do about it as Ontario tax payers? You can send your response to your local MPP, and maybe if there is enough of them then the Government may listen, but then there are no guarantees.  What it will show though is that the residents of Ontario are saying enough is enough and are going to start voicing their opinions outside of doing so just at election time.

We cannot blame the government totally for not listening to the people.  We have fallen into the trap of being so laid back, and letting the cards fall where they may, that the Government has adjusted to this.   They just assume that whatever decisions they make whether right or wrong, good or bad, will be okay with the average citizen.  It really has gotten to the point where instead of complaining around the dinner table, that we voice our opinion in a proper manner.   After all its we the people that own the country, and the government is supposed to be the managers acting on behalf of our best interests.

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