What is CRA Demand to File Notice

So you received a notice in the mail from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) demanding that you file your taxes. You are probably aware that you are compelled to file your taxes every year but for some reason you have not done so. Even if you believe you do not owe any taxes, if you have received a CRA demand to file then you must comply.

You may be in a situation where you have not even completed your taxes for the years that CRA is asking for. It is critically important that you get these completed as quickly as possible. Having them professionally completed for you, will dramatically reduce the chances of error and you being taxed unfairly or missing out on valuable tax credits that you are entitled to.

If your tax situation is a complex one then you may need more time to have a professional accountant complete them for you. Every tax payer is unique and so is their tax situation. By getting in contact with a tax professional immediately you can follow their advice as they are experienced in these matters.

If you are faced with a CRA demand to file notice contact me immediately so I can advise you as to your next course of action. I would be happy to offer my professional services to you so that you can meet the demands that the Canada Revenue Agency is placing on you, and at the same time get you up to date with your tax situation.


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