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Corporate and business tax obligations

One of my areas of expertise as a chartered accountant lies within the corporate and business tax entities. I would be most pleased to get your taxes in order as the first priority, then extend my services into the tax planning that could give you a better opportunity to enjoy your money rather than have to dole it out to the tax department.

Owning and operating a small business today is one that comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. It is all one can do to keep on top of the daily business operations and focus on the constant demand to generate new business. Handling the tax responsibilities that come with small business often becomes neglected.

As a result business owners soon find themselves running into tax difficulties perhaps by not filing the proprietorship or corporate returns properly or even falling behind in filing.

When it comes to business and tax it’s a double edged sword.

The savvy business owner has to be on top of his accounting records. Then he must be able to rely on professionals within the financial industry that can complete his tax matters so his corporation or sole business can take advantage of the substantial tax breaks that are available.

Then added to this to keep the taxes to a minimum, it means careful tax planning and often the average business owner does not have the time or expertise to accomplish this.

It is important to remember that the Canada tax laws as well as the provincial tax laws for Ontario are constantly changing. You need an account that is dedicated to remaining alert to these changes, so he can advise you as to what is the best course of direction for your business. You will find our accounting section in our blog to be a big help in keeping you up to date with the current tax affair

If you are serious about saving money on your taxes and making sure that small but important financial matters are not falling through the cracks for your business then be sure to sign up now for our soon to be released “Taking Control of Your Taxes-2015”.   This is a must have E-book if you want to be in a position where you control your taxes instead of them controlling you.





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