Cold calling for Sales are Still Alive

Sales cold calling

Many individuals that are starting a new business really like the concept of doing this online for many different reasons.   Some like to work from home because they’re not able to go out into the workforce, perhaps because they are raising a family, or have a form of disability.   Or perhaps cannot find anything out in the working world.

Others like to form an online business because they are more comfortable sitting behind their computer then sitting in front of a client or making cold sales calls.   While the Internet is a very viable form of business it does not totally rule out the need for cold calling for sales.   If you truly want to scale up your business and take advantage of all the opportunities that you have in your sales area.

One of the biggest reasons people hate cold calling for sales is because they hate to be rejected.   Nobody likes to hear the no, or I am not interested. While this can be quite a dilemma there are ways of getting past this and the first thing is not to take it personally.   The individual rejecting you is not rejecting you as a person.   They are rejecting what you have to offer and perhaps you need a new approach to this.

The first thing you want to do is know something about your prospects in that they may be open to what you have to offer.   This is called prequalifying your prospects.   So it means that you’re going to have to do a lot of research about the target market that you are going after before you make any approach.

You can even step it down a notch by making a prequalifying call.   This means you are simply going to call the business that you are approaching and see if they have an interest in your project or product.   If so then you want to ask the person you are talking to who would be the best person for you to contact regarding this.   At the very least you may get an email address, as you have opened a door here.

Now you can go back to your comfort zone with the computer and send a short email.   Not to make your sales pitch but asking permission to call and continue discussing what you have to offer.   You have now broken the ice and you will find it much easier when you make that call because you now have an interested listener.   Where it goes from here is all going to depend on just how strong your sales pitch is so that you don’t turn the individual off by not doing a proper sales presentation.


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