Checking out The Best Jobs In 2015

For those that are in the market of job hunting for 2016 many of them want to look back and see what were the best jobs for the previous year.   This helps them to determine what field they should be looking at getting into.   It will also give some indicator as to what industries may be hiring as well as which ones pay the best.

Human Resources Manager

One of the changes that have taken place within the business industries is that the HR manager is fulfilling many more positions than what they used to at one time.   The focus here is for an individual to have the talent to be able to hire the right people for the company that they are working for.

Industrial Technicians

For those that are working as an industrial technician and have found themselves out of work there is still great hope for them as many industries in 2015 opened their doors for hiring new industrial technicians.   Many are shying away from finding employment in this field because of the manufacturing industry facing hard times in Canada.   This does not to take away from the fact that they still need workers that are properly trained and skilled in order to be able to meet their production needs for those that are still operating their business.

Financial Administrator

Almost every business needs a financial administrator on some level requiring different levels or platforms of expertise depending on the company.   The financial planner can end up wearing many hats such as being in responsible for the financial planning as well as the accounting and auditing and developing risk analysis for the company that they are working for.


Health Care Manager

This is an another industry that is growing and did well in 2015.   One of the reasons that this is a growing and may be a good industry for one to take a look at is because by the year 2020 it is estimated that 20% of the Canadians well be over 65 years of age that are going to recut require extra health care.

Many individuals that are out of work are looking at going back to school to become  re-trained but the dilemma that they face is what industry should they choose.   It is really important that they do their homework and look back at what has been trending in the different industries and what is dying out. This is only a one segment of their research that can help them make the right decision for their future.   There are many other things that need to be considered when planning for education especially for the older individual who wants to get back into the workforce in another industry

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