The Canada Tax Controversy Between the Politicians

Tax Controversy Between Canadian Politicians

It certainly seems like the opposing parties of the Government are trying to woo the public with the best tax breaks that are going to hopefully award them a few extra votes when it becomes next election time.   While doing this it is at the same time stirring up some real controversy.

The one thing that the Conservatives and NDPs seem to have in common is that they are both targeting families.   So this basically leaves out the disgruntled businesses and single tax payers for the moment.

Now it would seem that in general many feel that the latest tax moves by the Conservatives has done nothing but made tax life a whole lot easier for the rich or at least the well off.   If the NDPs have their way they seem to be leaning towards investing in child care that would be regulated.   So which of these two tax proposals is truly the most beneficial at least for the families where children are involved?

One particular organization that is really following these political moves is organizations like the Food Bank who gets to see first hand just how badly some families are suffering because of the economic status.   At this point it appears that they are in more support towards the NDPs thoughts rather than the Conservatives tax actions.

In the food bank report concerning this matter it seems that this organization would prefer to see a collective tax break for families with children that need it most rather than the many different smaller tax breaks.

The Food Bank would also like to see both level of government take action to provide funding for parents who are in need of funding that is affordable as well as stable.  This type of financial support would help both parents to remain in the work force which in itself helps to relieve the financial burden that many of them are under.

Every family no matter what their financial situation is, needs to find ways to keep their tax obligations to a minimum and a quality accountant may certainly be able to help with this.


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