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Here at we take great pleasure in providing our clients with the accounting services they need on both a personal and business level. Having to meet the tax filing demands that the Canada tax department has in place can be complex and overwhelming for many people. For those in the business world it can be a task that is time consuming. As additional support for the Toronto business industry we have now added bookkeeping services for Toronto.

We really feel that there is a need for this type of service to help alleviate the pressure that many businesses are under when it comes to the financial entity of their business. Without good record keeping there can be many lost opportunities for any business large or small to glean the tax breaks that may be available to them.


Any accountant that is preparing taxes on behalf of a client has to be able to rely on the records that support the figures that need to be used on the tax return. All too often business people are not aware of just what they have to keep track of by way of expenses especially. Most know that they must claim all of the income generated from their business but are not aware of what expenses that can be used to reduce the amount of tax that will have to be paid on this revenue.


It doesn’t matter whether you are business operating from home, or are a small to medium sized Company with a staff we are able to meet your bookkeeping needs. To keep your finances right on track your accounting records should be updated monthly. In fact, you are compelled by tax law to maintain good accounting records. When you consider the cost of having one of your employee’s complete this task for you or the time it takes to do this yourself, you will find it far more economical as well as beneficial to let our bookkeeping experts here at Toronto Accountant do the job for you.


By our bookkeepers working closely with our accounting services you are guaranteed to get the proper tax return completed for you and your business come year end.


Give us a call here now at 416-398-1700, and ask to speak to Sam Seidman to get both your bookkeeping and tax accounting needs attended to.


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