Would Kevin O’Leary Be Another Donald Trump?

If one were to take a close look at what is currently happening in the US where the country appears to be now going to be run from a business standpoint rather than a political one, would Canada be following in suit if Mr. O’Leary were to work his way up to becoming Prime Minister?Some may say they are two different human beings but at the same time a lot would say that there are a lot of…

Is Twitter the New Platform for Political Transparency?

political transparency

It would almost seem that when anyone wanted to know what Mr. Trump was up to or what his present feelings were on a topic during the campaign trail, rather than turn to the news for an update they would simply resort to Twitter.The president elect obviously felt that this social platform was the quickest way to get his thoughts known. Perhaps for him it was a good move because what he wrote was…

Is the Small Business Tax Deduction an Advantage for You?

small business deduction

As a business owner you have to look at all the tax breaks that you can possibly get. If you are new to business then there is no doubt that you are busy with the many different aspects that it possesses. Taking the time to know where you stand with the tax department is critically important as part of the success of your business. It is true that you can leave it all up to your accountant but…

Wishing you a Very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Once again we are at a years end, and into the festive season.   Here at TorontoAccountant.CA we would like to take this time to wish everyone a very happy holiday and a prosperous new year.The last year has been a busy one when it comes to changes in finances and politics and no doubt the upcoming year will be just as busy.    We are hoping that whatever financial endeavors you embark on in…

How Much Allowance is Right for the Kids?

allowance money for kids

Most parents get to the stage where they feel compelled to give the kids an allowance. A small stipend to help and teach them the importance of managing money and to give them the ability to either purchase something for themselves or to save for something they want over time.The big question is not whether to give an allowance but how much you should give and under what conditions.The basic ru…

Potential Tax Savings That You Should Be Thinking About Now

Although we are entering into the holiday season most people don’t even want to think about the fact that it’s the year end coming up and this means its time to get ready for the tax season. What you may not want to think about is that is important that you do give consideration to some important aspects of it that may be applicable to you.Your charitable donations:The holiday season is also a…

Gearing Up for Budget Control for 2017

When the year starts to come to an end many people reflect back over the past several months and take a look at where they are financially, in most cases many are really not happy and don’t feel that they’ve made much progress. In some cases their financial situation is worse at the end of the year than it was at the beginning. This begins to create a desire to make the next year much different…

Are You ready for the Electric Car Era?

Whenever the economy is bad and people have to start tightening their belts they automatically become a little more money savvy. This is when they start taking a closer look at the budget and begin to keep an eye on the credit card spending. It is also a time when they start to take a hard look at real areas where they can cut costs, and one of these just maybe concerning the vehicle they ar…

Tax Information For Newcomers To Canada

Newcomers to Canada

Canada is a country known around the world as the place to come if you are experiencing strife of any kind in your present country whether from wars or persecution because of your religious beliefs or your sexual identity because we are a country of tolerance and diversity.Immigrants to Canada are a part of the fabric of our society and have made this country what it is today. In fact, without…

Which Renovations Really Add Value To A Home?

For most the desire to perform renovations on their homes comes down to what they really want in their homes rather than what they truly require. The man cave in the basement just seems like a better value for the money than a second bathroom or expanding the dining room, after all think of the fun you will have in the man cave! There are some renovations that simply do not give the home owner…


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