An Accountant’s Advice For E-Commerce Success

With so many people doing business online today it has changed the way that people do business. In order for an online business to be successful it still must follow some of the traditional rules that have always applied to the on land enterprises. Location, Location, LocationThis used to be the buzzword when it came to setting up a business on land. It still is for the brick and mortar…

Can You Afford to Have a Pet?

Most homeowners really do enjoy having some sort of family pet. Most often this is a cat or dog. Some say that cats are somewhat less expensive to own compared to dogs but that is not always the case. In order to provide your dog with the very best of care and a healthy life it comes with a price tag.The first cost comes with the purchase of the pet. On rare occasions you may be able to get a pu…

Is the Real Estate Bubble Finally Ready to Burst

For the past decade the buzz has been that the Real Estate market in Canada and in particular Toronto and Vancouver is a primed hand grenade just waiting to go off.    A “big, fat beautiful bubble” as one particular world leader likes to use as a phrase, but the fact is that the bubble has never burst and just keeps getting fatter and fatter.There are just as many (mostly in the industry?)…

Is the Imposition of GST on Uber Riders a Tax Grab?

In the recently released Federal Budget the Trudeau administration has decided that it will attempt to “level the playing field” between those who seek out ride sharing options like Uber rather than resort to taking a regular taxi for their short trips.While the masses connected to the taxi industry will, of course, welcome the new regulations there are many other who feel that this is simply…

Tax Cheats Be Warned: Feds Looking at You!

It would seem that the Federal Government under Justin Trudeau is doubling down on efforts to catch tax cheats with a massive increase in spending in the new Federal Budget earmarked to try and do just that.In the just released budget the Feds up their game by increasing the amount being spent by almost double what they spent last year on the same issue.The Federal budget handed down by Financ…

What You Need to Know About Budget 2017

Other than the broken promise of reducing/eliminating the deficit that was a key part of the campaign promises by this Federal Liberal Government what exactly are the key provisions in the just released 2017 Federal Budget trotted out by Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau this past week.With all of the hoopla south of the border maybe the Liberals were hoping nobody was paying attention…

Brace Yourself For the Upcoming Budget

It really is ironic that when we are so caught up in the tax season with last year’s taxes that the government hits us with a new budget right in the middle of it. Now in all fairness that is not because they are trying to sneak in changes because we are too busy to pay attention to them. It’s because their new fiscal year begins on April 1st.No matter how busy you are it is important to pay…

Why You Need to Scrutinize Your Tax Preparer

There are a lot of important obligations that we have in life and there are a lot of important professionals that we have to rely on from time to time. If we have health problems we seek out the best physicians and treatments available to us. If we have legal issues then we seek out the best legal counsel. Simply because these are just two of many issues that commonly come up in life that need…

Make Sure You Properly Report Your House Sale

For those that have been doing their taxes for many years they may have had a opportunity where they have sold their principal residence and really had no requirements for reporting this to the Canada Revenue Agency. This has all changed as of the 2016 tax season. Now individuals that have sold their home during that particular year have to provide the tax department with some information. This…

Watching What You Claim on Your Income Tax

Tax return claims

Nowadays it is very hard to understand what is taxable and what is not. Meaning, there are probably quite a few questions as to what you can claim on your income tax at the end of the year. Many individuals choose to visit an accountant or a tax company, if they do not already have one on staff. Obviously any type of business needs someone to take care of the accounting tasks that are essentia…


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