Are You Interested in Canada Tax Payer Relief?

Tax payer relief to forgive penalties and interest

You may not even be aware of what Canada tax payer relief is. This is where the tax department may be forgiving on penalties and interests that have gathered because of taxes owed and not paid. The Canadian government realizes that there are times where a tax payer can fall upon hard times that could affect their tax obligations.   There are some variations to the tax relief program.   It doesn’t automatically mean that you will be eligible for any type of tax relief as each tax payer is assessed on their own circumstances and merits.

If you are delinquent in your taxes going right back to the year 2003 there is still a chance for you to apply for the taxpayer’s relief for this particular year, but you need to do so before December 31st, 2013.   If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, then why not use the services of a quality Toronto accountant and get your taxes up to date, and submitted along with a tax payer relief request.


As a taxpayer, the one thing you have probably realized by now is that you cannot just ignore the CRA. They may not bother you for a few months at a time because of their workload but you can bet they are going to catch up with you. Besides, who wants the cloud of owing taxes hanging over their head?   People that are in this situation dread answering the phone in case it is a tax collector, or picking up the mail in case there is some type of notice of CRA action.


Coming forward and dealing with your tax issues is really the best way to tackle this problem.   What you need to do is gather all of your records, whether it is business or personal tax that is the issue.   Take these to your Toronto Accountant.   He will determine if you need bookkeeping services if this is business related.   The books must be in order for this expert to complete your taxes. He will surely be able to assist you with this.   If it is a personal tax matter you still need any pertinent documents, and if you are not sure what these are then your Toronto tax expert will advise you.


Once your taxes are in order and ready to send, your Toronto tax accountant will then discuss your circumstances with you that may make you a candidate for Canada tax relief, and will help you with the process of applying.


Don’t forget though, that if your tax matter relates back to the year 2003 you must get your tax matter in order before December 31,2013.   Just imagine being able to start the New Year with your previous tax matters being attended to.   We can help you accomplish that here at, so contact us now.


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