A Canada Tax Recap of 2013

Canada Tax Recap 2013

As one year draws to a close and another one is about to begin, many people like to reflect back on important events that have taken place throughout the year that could have an effect on their lifestyle. The Canada tax is one of these and is important to any Canadian tax payer.

So what were the big tax events for Canada during 2013? Let’s take a look at what the CRA thought was newsworthy. They have a designated area of their online presence called the newsroom.
January 2013:
The Harper Government highlighted their tax relief measures and highlighted the Family Caregiver tax credit for the 2012. Taxes.
February 2013:
The government pats themselves on the back for the low tax plan benefits that Canadian families receive.
March 2013:
This is fraud prevention month and the CRA issues reminders to Canadians to protect themselves against fraud.
April 2013
This was an interesting tax month. The Government releases new plans for cracking down on International tax evasion.
May 2013:
The Government announces crackdowns on the registration of some specific charities.
June 2013:
Seems like a little damage control was being done here involving charities where the Government stepped up to encourage citizens to support their local charities whereby they would enjoy some additional tax benefits.
July 2013:
The CRA points out how more Canadians are using online filing as their method for submitting their tax returns.
August 2013:
The Government shows how proud they are of the back to school relief being provided.
September 2013:
The Harper Government makes it clear they are not going to tolerate electronic sales suppression software to hide sales.
October 2013:
The Government seizes the opportunity of National Seniors Day to highlight their support of seniors.
November 2013:
The Government continues to show their interest in the red tape reduction plan for small businesses.
December 2013:
The Government issues a reminder of how much the Harper Government has done by introducing a variety of tax measures to help those with disabilities.
While these are just a few of the Canada tax highlights that have taken place throughout the year they rate in importance according to the needs and interests of each tax payer. We thought it might be fun to take a closer look at each of these highlights, so we will be doing a series on them in the next week. It might help you to determine just how effective our tax system really is.
Don’t forget we are fast approaching the end of another tax year, so be sure to give us a call now so we can schedule in the time to tend to your 2013 tax matters.


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