Where Do We Stand Now with the 2014 Action Plan?

Canada's Economic Action Plan 2014

When we look at the Action Plan and how it played out during 2014 what do we see? First let’s look at the 3 key points that could be considered as play important roles in the foundation of the Canada Economic Action Plan.

Job Connections for Canadians:

The mandate here was for the government to devise ways for Canadians to obtain better skills so they could then pursue better jobs. It’s official title is Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs.

So, this goes back to the introduction of the action plan in 2012. A major focus is put on the EI program and what was implemented to help with this.

The goal of the government was to ….

  • Beef up labor market information
  • Connecting the temporary foreign worker’s program with the EI program
  • Closer relationship with other provinces and territories who required skilled labor.

Focus on Job Creations, Innovation and Trade

The highlights of this action was to…

  • Help to keep the tax obligations for new businesses lower
  • Encouragement of Canadian entrepreneurs in regards to the trade industries
  • Offering support towards those involved in advanced research along with innovation
  • Promoting the financial sector advantage in Canada


Developing resources responsibly conserving Canada’s natural heritage and investing in infrastructure and transportation

The priorities were to be…

  • Support for industries such as the mining, forestry and agricultural sectors
  • Increased tax support for clean energy
  • Making properly planned investments in the infrastructure and public transportation


Supporting Families and Communities

The emphasis here was on….

  • Additional protection for the Canadian consumers
  • Efforts to keep the average family taxes low
  • Canadian safety improvements


There are several highlights for each of these sectors that the government proposed in the action plan. While the action plan overall is very impressive it may seem like it doesn’t really directly affect you. It most likely does in many different ways, and you aren’t aware of it perhaps because you have not thought through each of the action plan’s segments. This is understandable being as most people don’t have a lot of extra time, and when they do they don’t want to spend it on trying to decipher politics.

The upcoming month of January is usually a boring month, so we intend on putting a lot of attention on the various segments of the action plan which you may find interesting. So be sure to keep returning to our blog posts to see where we are going to take you next. It might be interesting to take a look at them, just to see if any of these actions trickle down the line to the point where they have any personal impact on you as a tax payer.

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